Debit/ATM Card


The CCU debit card makes everyday purchases quick and easy. Pay merchants online, in person, by mail or by phone directly from your checking account without ever writing a check. You can use the CCU debit card at merchants that display the MasterCard logo.

Enjoy free withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries 24 hours a day at all CCU ATMs and at over 24,000 ATMs across the country displaying MoneyPassLogothe MoneyPass logo. For a complete list of MoneyPass ATMs, download the free MoneyPass app, visit or just click on the MoneyPass logo displayed here.

There is no fee to get a CCU debit card. Members have the option to select their own PIN with a quick phone call or in person at a CCU ATM. Unique card numbers are issued for multi-card accounts so if one card is lost, stolen or involved in a breach, only the affected card needs to be replaced.

For enhanced security, protect your card by registering it with MasterCard SecureCode. SecureCode is used by more than 350,000 online merchants to verifysc-mastercard-securecode that it’s really you making a purchase with your debit card. Even if you don’t make online purchases, it’s important to register your card, which will prevent an identity thief from doing it while posing as you. Enrolling is easy, safe and free. Just click on the SecureCode logo displayed here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to a recent surge of fraud in Canada, CCU debit cards are now blocked from being used in that country. With the addition of the Canada block, all card-present transactions outside of the US are now blocked. If you are traveling outside of the US and anticipate using your debit card, contact us before you leave and the block can be removed during your visit.

To further minimize debit card fraud, online transactions made outside of the US and Canada in excess of $200 are now blocked. Please contact us if you need to make this type of purchase and, after verifying your identity, the transaction limit can be temporarily removed.  (7/14/15)


CCU’s ATM Card allows you to make cash withdrawals from your CCU savings account at any time of the day or night at CCU ATMs and at over 24,000 ATMs MoneyPassLogoacross the the country displaying the MoneyPass logo. For a complete list of MoneyPass ATMs, download the free MoneyPass app, visit or click on the MoneyPass logo here.

There is a $10.00 fee assessed every other year for the CCU ATM card.


For more information or to apply for the CCU debit card or ATM card, stop in or call at any CCU office.
For information regarding overdraft fees associated with ATM transactions and one-time debit card transactions, click here.