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Cloverbelt Credit Union’s Fee Schedule as of July 11, 2017
Item Returned Unpaid $10.00
Document Copy
(statement copy, account history, check copy, etc.)
$2.00 each
Telephone Transfer (if amount is under $50) $1.00 each
Early Account Closing Fee
Closing a savings or checking account within 30 days of opening date
Early Account Closing Fee
Closing an IRA account within 12 months of opening date
Account Reopening Fee
Reopening a savings or checking account within 90 days of being closed
Returned Mail Fee
Mail returned to CCU as undeliverable
$5.00 per month
Closed Account Monitoring $5.00 per item
Returned Bill Pay $5.00 per item
Dormant Account $5.00 per quarter
Account Assistance
(research, balance, reconcile, etc)
$25.00 per hour
($10 minimum)
Cashier’s Check $1.00 each
Garnishment/Levy $20.00 each
Non-Sufficient Funds $25.00 per item
Transfer (from share to prevent overdraft) $5.00 per transfer
Stop Payment $25.00 each
Collection Item Foreign $100.00
Domestic $20.00
Balance Inquiry – telephone $1.00 each
Account Closed for NSF $30.00 per account
Money Order $1.00 each
Wire Transfer – incoming
Outgoing – domestic
Western Union
Outgoing – foreign
$10.00 each
$15.00 each
$75.00 each
Coin and currency handling
(incoming and outgoing)
1% of face value
Fax service – incoming
Outgoing – domestic
Outgoing – foreign
$1.00 per page
$3.00 per page
Regulation J Return $5.00 each
Deposit Bag – Lock
$20.00 each
$ 5.00 each
Notary Public $.50 each
Endorsement Stamp Varies
Foreign Check Conversion Fee $3.00 each