Bill Pay


Bill Pay is an easy and convenient way to pay your bills electronically via CCU’s website or mobile app. You simply schedule your payments online – whether it be a one-time payment or recurring payments of the same amount (such as your mortgage). Your payment is then automatically taken from your CCU checking or savings account on the date you select, and that’s all there is to it! Use Bill Pay to pay any person or company that you currently pay by check – utilities, credit cards, you name it! Bill Pay is totally safe and secure, and best of all, it’s FREE!*

Questions about Bill Pay? A complete User’s Guide has been provided below to give you more information about Bill Pay. In addition, check our list of frequently asked questions printed below the User’s Guide or give us a call at 715 842-5693 and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

Ready to sign up? Simply log onto CU-Online using your computer and click on the “Bill Payment” link located near the top of the page. Enrolling is easy and only takes a few minutes.

*Bill Pay is a free service as long as at least one bill is paid electronically each month. Otherwise a $2.95 inactivity fee will be assessed.



Getting Started With Bill Pay

Bill Pay is the easiest, most convenient way to manage and pay your bills and payments online. Getting started is easy. The process will take only a few minutes to complete. Follow these steps to start using your Bill Pay service right away.

Sign onto our website at and click on the CU-ONLINE/Bill Pay button on the upper left hand side of the page. Sign onto CU-Online as prompted by entering your member number and password. Once CU-Online opens, click on the “Bill Payment” link at the top of the CU-Online home page. First-time users must read and accept the required disclosure/agreement and complete the Account Setup form.

Account Setup

To begin using Bill Pay services you will use the Account Setup form on the Bill Pay tab to check, update or edit the information you provided when setting up the bill payment service. NOTE: Social Security Number is a required field for most financial institutions. An e-mail address is necessary if you would like to set up automatic notifications for certain payments (see e-mail reminder option in the Scheduled Payments section).

Add New Payees

The first step to managing your payments online is to set up your list of payees. These payees may include any merchant, institution, or individual located in the United States (except government agencies). You cannot use Bill Pay to pay Cloverbelt Credit Union loans, tax payments and court ordered payments such as alimony and child support. Payees are added manually by clicking on Payee List/Modify a Payment button.

1. Click the Add New Payee button. Enter the payees name exactly as it appears on your bill. After you have added all of the payee information click on the Add Payee button and your payee has been added.

2. If you would like to refer to your payee by a name other than the actual payee name, choose a payee nickname by entering the nickname in the Payee Nickname field.

Scheduling Payments After you have created your payees you are ready to schedule a payment. To schedule a payment, click on the Payee List button.

1. On the Payee List click each payee you wish to pay and click on the Add Payments button.

Payee Options

After you have clicked the Scheduled Payments button you must select a dollar amount for each payment and an account from Pay From field. As an option, you may select a Recurring Date and Email Option by clicking on these buttons and selecting from their menus. You may also add a memo line for each payment if you choose. If you do not choose a recurring date for a scheduled payment, it will be processed as a one-time single payment. Memo lines will not appear on payments made electronically.

Recurring Payment Options:

  1. You can set up a payee to receive a single payment if the frequency or amount of your payments varies and if you want to schedule these payments one at a time.
  2. If your payments are the same amount on a regular basis, you can choose to set up recurring payments. Just enter the amount to pay and the frequency and the payments will be scheduled automatically for you.
  3. You can set e-mail options for each payee allowing you to receive notification 1, 2 or 3 days before a payment is withdrawn.

Once all your payment options have been set for each scheduled payment, click on the Confirm Payments button. After you have clicked on the Confirm Payments button, you will receive a window pop-up box to verify your scheduled payments. After you have reviewed and confirmed your scheduled payments, click on the OK button. You have successfully scheduled your payments!

Editing Scheduled Payments

If you wish to edit a scheduled payment that has not yet been processed you may do so by going to the main Bill Pay menu and selecting the Scheduled Payment tab. Your Scheduled payments available for editing are those listed within the Scheduled Payments box.Payment type S indicates one-time payments only while payment type R identifies recurring payments.

To edit a payment click on the Edit Payments button. You may edit the Amount, Recurring Date, Pay From, Email Options, and Memo Line fields only for those payments that have not been already processed.

Deleting Scheduled Payments

Once you are in the Scheduled Payments window you will need to check the payment you wish to delete and then click on the Delete Payments button. After clicking on the Delete Payments button you will be asked to confirm the deletion. To confirm, click on the Delete button. Once you have deleted the payment you will receive confirmation the payee was successfully deleted.

Editing Payees

To edit or update Payee information, select the payee(s) using the check box on the Payee List and click the Edit Payees button to access the payee record. From the Edit Payee box you can edit the field below. Once your have finished with your editing, click on the Update button.

Deleting Payees

To delete a payee click on the Delete Payees button from the Bill Payment Payee List and click on the Delete button.

Bill Pay History

To view your Bill Payment history, click on the Bill Pay History button on the Bill Pay tab. Enter the date range and payee filter, if desired, then click on View Payments.. By default, payments appear in date order but they can also be sorted by:

Process Date – The date you have scheduled the payment to be sent.

Payee – Payee names in alphabetical order.

Account # – The account number of the bill or account being paid (useful if you have several household accounts at one billing institution).

Confirm # – The unique number assigned by your financial institutions payment processor and is used to track transactions.

Status – There are five types of Bill Pay statuses: Pending, Transit, Processed, ACH and Cleared.

Pending indicates the Bill Pay vendor has not yet processed a scheduled payment. Transit indicates the payment has debited your account and is in “transit” to the Bill Pay vendor. Processed indicates the bill payment vendor has received the bill for processing. ACH means the payment has been made electronically and Cleared means the check payment has been processed and cleared. Note: Only Pending payments may be deleted before being submitted for processing.

Amount – The dollar amount of the payment.


How does Bill Pay work?

When you first begin using Bill Pay, enter the payees to whom you want to make payments. You only need to add each payee once. When you make a payment, you specify the date that you want us to begin processing your payment. After a payment is scheduled, it appears on the View Payments screen as pending in the status column. After we begin to process your payment, the status changes to transit. After being processed, electronic payments will show a status of ACH; if paid by check the status will be processed. After a payment check has been cashed the status will change to cleared.

Can anyone use Bill Pay?

Any member with a checking or savings account can sign up for Bill Pay as long as you have the funds available to pay your bills and you are in good standing with Cloverbelt Credit Union.

Can I use Bill Pay with any of my accounts?

You can pay bills with either your checking or savings account.

How much does Bill Pay cost?

It is free to all members as long as they pay at least one bill each month. After one month of inactivity you will be charged a $2.95 inactive fee each month thereafter until you become active again or you terminate the bill pay service by contacting Cloverbelt Credit Union .

Will I need a separate log in and password for Bill Pay?

No. Once you have logged into the CU-Online website or mobile app, you are able to access the Bill Payment link.

How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

Simply log into CU-Online Home Banking, click on the Bill Payment button, and complete the Account Setup form. After your registration has been approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that you are ready to start setting up your payees.

Once I sign up for Bill Pay, how long does it take for my registration to be approved?

Cloverbelt Credit Union will approve your Bill Pay registration within one business day of signing up.

What do I do after my registration has been approved?

Enter the Bill Pay site to set up your payees and schedule payments.

Who can I pay via Bill Pay?

You can pay any person or company in the United States with the exception of obligations to Cloverbelt Credit Union, tax payments and court ordered payments such as maintenance and child support.

Once I enter my payee information, do I need to re-enter it each time I wish to make a payment?

No. Once you enter your payee information it will be available to you each time you use Bill Pay.

Can I schedule recurring payments?

Yes, in addition to a one-time payment, you can schedule your payments to be made monthly, semi-monthly or weekly.

If I schedule multiple bill payments for a single day, will my account be debited with the total sum or for each payment separately?

Each bill is debited separately.

When I add a new payee to my Bill Pay account or change my account numbers, how quickly will the change take place?

When you edit the information on your Bill Pay account the changes are made immediately.

How do I cancel a payment?

Click on View Payments, select the payment you wish to delete and click on the Delete Payment button. You can cancel a payment if the status is pending. If the payment is in transit, contact Cloverbelt Credit Union at 715-842-1309 and we will place a stop payment if it is by check. If the payment is electronic we cannot place a stop payment. Please be aware that you will be charged our usual fee for each stop payment requested.

How do I edit a pending payment?

Click on View Payments and select the payment you wish to edit. You may edit the dollar amount, the payment process date and the account you want the funds to come out of. Make the changes and select Confirm Payment.

How do I know if my payment was sent electronically or by check?

You will not know until after the payment has been processed. If the status in your history indicates ACH, the payment was sent electronically. If the status indicates Cleared it was paid by check.

How many days will it take my payment to reach my payee?

We suggest that you allow at least five business days for your payments to be processed. For payments made by check, the actual mailing time will vary depending on the location of your payee. For this reason, you should select a payment date that will allow for adequate processing and mailing time.

How can I make sure my bill payment was processed?

After your payment is processed, you will see the history of your payments in the View Payments section.

When are the funds deducted from my account?

The amount of your payment(s) will typically be deducted from your account on the payment date you indicated between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM. All payment requests scheduled by this time will be withdrawn on the same day. Payments scheduled to occur on a Saturday or Sunday would be deducted on Sunday. Payments scheduled to occur on a federal holiday will be deducted on the next business day.

What happens if I set up a payment but do not have the funds in my account?

Bill Pay will attempt to withdraw the money from your account once each day for up to three days. If the funds remain unavailable on the third day the payment will not be processed.

Do I need to contact each of my payees and let them know that I am going to be using an automated bill pay system to pay them?

No. Your payments (either electronic or check) will be sent with your name and address information as well as the account number information you indicate when setting up your payee.

What do I do with the part of the invoice or bill that I usually mail back to the payee with my payment? Doesn’t the vendor need that to process my payment?

No. You can destroy the payment stub. Bill Pay provides all of the necessary information to the payee with each payment. It is important that you enter the correct and complete information for each payment you set up. If a payment is returned to us because the payee cannot identify you or your account, a $5 processing fee will be charged for each returned item.

What happens if one of my payees tells me they didn’t receive my payment?

This is extremely rare but in case your payee indicates that they did not receive a bill payment, contact Cloverbelt Credit Union at 715-842-5693 and we will work with our Bill Pay vendor to troubleshoot this issue.

Can I stop a bill payment?

Yes, but only if the payment was made by check. Contact Cloverbelt Credit Union at 715-842-5693 and, if the check has not cleared, we will request the stop payment for you. Please be aware that our usual stop payment fee will apply.

What do I do if one of my payees address changes?

Go to your Payees link, select the payee whose address has changed and click the Edit Payees button. Make the changes and click Update. All future payments will go to the new address.

What if my address, phone number or email address changes?

It is important that your contact information remain current for the Bill Pay service to operate properly. Submitting an address, phone number or email change to the Credit Union does not change the information for your Bill Pay account. Likewise, changing this information on your Bill Pay account does not change the information for your checking and savings accounts. Go to Display/Edit Account Setup and update your personal information. All future payments will reflect these changes.

How do I terminate my Bill Pay service?

For security purposes, we require that you contact Cloverbelt Credit Union in writing to terminate your bill pay service. The request can be delivered to us in person or mailed to P O Box 659, Wausau WI 54402 0659.